Important numbers

Telephone numbers in Navoi region have seven digits. To call from other regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan you have to dial 8 – 436 and number. International format to call to Navoi region +998 79 and number.

For subscribers of cellular communications, codes of operators are different and dialed in international format.

  • For subscribers of cellular communications “Beeline”+99890 (number); 
  • For subscribers of cellular communications "Ucell"  +99893 (number); 
  • For subscribers of cellular communications "Perfectum Mobile" +99898 (number); 
  • For subscribers of cellular communications "Uzmobile" +99898 (number).
Navoi Free Industrial Economic Zone
Directorate of Navoi FIEZ+99879 2200077
NBU (bank services)+99879 2200008
Customs Point+99895 6033733
Logistics Centre+99898 2741375
State authorities
Administration of Navoi Region225-92-20
Main Department of Economy of Navoi Region223-81-39
Department of Statistics770-35-01
Department of Finance226-05-80
Antimonopoly Committee225-18-03
Department of Taxation223-30-00
Department of Labor and Social Protection224-23-00
Department of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade


Department of State Property Committee224-04-61
Chamber of Commerce and Industry770-31-01
Department of Customs223-87-87
Real estate Exchange224-04-61
Commodities and Raw Materials Stock Exchange223-66-47
Central bank226-10-95
National Bank of FEA (NBU)223-41-81
Pahta Bank224-75-41
National Bank531-01-89
Ipoteka Bank223-37-57
Microcredit Bank223-73-67
Asaka Bank770-21-28
Turon Bank224-21-08
Galla Bank224-98-01
Ipak Yoli Bank226-00-05
Savdogar Bank224-41-01
Enquiry Services
Information Centre of Railroad Station225-59-07
Information Centre of Navoi Airport539-35-40
Domestic and International Communication007
Telephone directory enquiries009
Information Centre on Airplane Tickets and Reservation223-40-70