Starting business in Navoi FEZ

In accordance with existing procedures at the first stage of selection, the investor submits to the Directorate of Navoi FEZ a filled investment application for allocation of production on the territory of Navoi FEZ with enclosure of:

  • copies of the certificate of the state registration of the investor or an extract from the trade register at the place of registration of the legal entity, legalized by consular offices of the Republic of Uzbekistan in accordance with established procedure;
  • business-plan of the proposed project;
  • acknowledgement of legal entity’s business experience in the corresponding sphere, information about similar projects implemented;
  • conclusions of an auditor organization on the financial report for the period of existence of the legal entity, but not less than for last three years;
  • document, confirming samples of signatures of the investor’s authorized person.

All documents are submitted by investors to the Directorate of Navoi FEZ with its translation into state or Russian Languages certified in established procedure.