Production of building materials

Open Joint Stock Company “Kyzylkumcement” is the biggest cement producer in the country and is one of leading enterprises in the province; its design capacity comprises 3.08 million tons of cement per year.

Production of marble slabs was organized at the enterprise in 1995 with production capacity of 25 thousand square meters of facing slabs; a production line for thermo-activated mineral additive production was put into operation in 1998.

The accomplishment until 2011 of the reconstruction of the existing capacities and building of the fourth technological line for production of cement that would increase production capacity of the enterprise up to 4.08 million tons per year is planned.

Such enterprises as Subsidiary Enterprise “Karrara-mramor” and Private Production Firm “Nuratamramor” where marble slabs are cut and polished using Italian technology also function in the province. Raw materials base is the multi-colored Gazgan marble which has 22 colors and about 200 various color tones and which obtained its international recognition.