Advantages of multimodal transport-and-logistics hub of Navoi

1. Air transportation. Placed in the center of the country and on the crossroads of international land and air transport corridors North-South and East-West, the Navoi airport represents an ideal regional centre for international freight flows management.

Based on agreement with Korean air company, the first phase of modernization of “Navoi” airport has been accomplished, including creation of international intermodal logistic center and construction of cargo terminal with capacity of cargo handling 300 ton in 24 hours.

In the future with the increase of freight flows it is planned to increase capacities of the terminal up to 1000 tons per day.

Logistic center functions as full-fledged system for land distribution of cargo arriving through the Navoi airport all over the region and for redistribution of air freight flows to directions North-South and West-East.

The use of air corridors with landing in Navoi offers substantial saving in time and cost of goods transportation. The distance from South-East Asia to Europe through Navoi is shorter than that through Dubai by 1 000 km, time saving during the flight is 1.5 hours, and fuel saving is 15 tons for each aircraft.

2. Automobile transportation. Navoi FEZ is connected and located in immediate proximity to highway Е-40, which is the shortest connection between Europe and China.

Automobile cargo transportation on the direction China-Europe through Uzbekistan is shorter by about 1000 km in comparison with the route through China-Russian border. This reduces transportation costs by USD 800 per vehicle.

3. Railroad transportation. Navoi FEZ is connected and located in immediate proximity to railroad with access to the markets of Central Asia, CIS, South-East Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Persian Gulf countries.

It takes 7 days for a container train to get from Tashkent to Bandar-Abbas sea port, 10 days from Tashkent through Teheran to Istanbul. This is twice faster than transportation conducted bypass Uzbekistan.

There are main railway routes passing through Navoi region with an access on the South to the ports of Iran and Turkey, and on the West and North to the ports of Black Sea and Baltic Sea. The shortest railroad route from China to Europe also lies through Navoi. The shortest transit connection to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India appeared after “Guzar-Baysun-Kumkurgan” railroad has been put into operation.